Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kitelike, a.k.a. What Happens Under the Influence

Reminds me of the summer when we were flowers. Jumping frogs and always coasting...easy breezy. Driving with the theme song. Remember when we weren't waiting or lating, so stupidly fading all summer with everyday wasting.

Adobe was common, that summer with the sun. I don't know whether it was fabricated or that was there all along. I used to be there all along but now I'm gone gone gone. Or so I thought, maybe I'm just sittin' here waiting for the tumble to roll me out or in. Deer and the wolf daybreaking each night that usually swam on until three or four. How broken is my speech. Rambles don't always do you justice when you don't know what you're saying or how to eject it. I want to walk around with you.

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